What’s Here?


I joined a writers group about a year ago. Since then I’m writing more and I’ve expanded the types of writing I do. To make the blog easier to navigate, I added the Category widget to my home page.  So, if you want to check out my posts by subject, here are the categories:

Culture- These posts cover what’s happening in our society and include race and history.

Religion/Spirituality– I’ll continue to write about Buddhism and Yoga here. I’ll also write about experiences with my new alternative Christian church community.

Humor– Frequently, things tickle my funny bone and I write about them. Although most of the pieces should go in the Culture category, I’ll post them here.

Fiction and Other Writing– This is a new category for me. These posts will include recent pieces from my workshops.

WordPresss/Blogging– The title is a shameless attempt to get noticed by the WordPress folks but the category is where I write about writing.

Food– My second favorite subject

Bits & Pieces– It goes without saying that these are the sundries.


2 thoughts on “What’s Here?

  1. thanks for the stop by and the recommendation to come visit. what a blessing you have to have so much writing talent. looks like there are quite a few things to peruse here. safe travels.



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