See You Later…Maybe

You might be planning on heading out soon, ushered out by the reopening. Maybe you’ve already been out, enjoying the weather in parks or on a beach. I can’t join you. As I’ve mentioned before, I’m in a higher risk group. I’m of a certain age (I’ve already admitted it so no need to say it again) and I have very high blood pressure. My BMI says I’m at risk and should be ashamed of myself. Although I don’t now, I smoked for way longer than I should have. (“You smoked cigarettes, Kat?!” “Um, yeah, those too.”)

I can’t go out with the rest of you. I have to wait for a vaccine. I don’t judge or begrudge you your decision to go out but I’m hoping that I don’t become envious and resentful. I’m hoping that I don’t look out the window and see my neighbors gathering in the common area and decide to do something stupid. I’m hoping that I don’t become so angry at what’s going on in this crazy country that I go and join the protests. Covid-19 will kill me. I’m hoping that I’ll be able to entertain myself, by myself and maintain my mental health. We’ll see…In the meantime, here’s some of the things I’ve been up to since March 13, 2020.

I put together my pandemic kit

I’m keeping a pandemic journal to keep track of the endless days
My roommate and I are growing vegetables
Of course, lots and lots and lots of cooking
Occasional distance visits with the grandbabies which are scary for a couple of reasons

I really don’t mind staying here. Over the years, I’ve squeezed every bit out of life possible including trips to national parks in the US and beautiful beaches all over the world. I haven’t missed much. I have a nice home and the resources for food to keep my BMI exactly where it is. So hopefully I’ll see you later.

8 thoughts on “See You Later…Maybe

  1. Wow, the makings for a black comedy (a good writing project?)….such serious, depressing stuff tinged with a tad bit of humor. So was your intent to have us simultaneously crying and laughing? I love your roommate!!


  2. I love that you’re keeping a journal in the midst of this madness. I’ve not resumed any sense of social life. No vacation this year, staycation instead, my husband and I are DESPERATE for a date, haven’t seen a movie in 100 years or whatever, no swimming, very little hiking with no one around and now it’s all hot and smack, only our children’s friends have come to visit, not our friends, we’ve gone to no friends’ homes, we’ve been nowhere but essential places in 100 years… It feels like a really, really long time, hm?
    I am meeting my food blogger friend Benson for Thai lunch Monday. That’s officially my first outing. If it goes okay, seems safe enough, maybe The Mister and I will make a reservation and maybe have a date! We are so never alone, ever, in the last 100 years.

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  3. Now that is August, I hope you are doing better Kay. I followed you from a post you replied to. I was touched by your reply and led to here to read your post. I know you have fear but you maybe know by now children are not carriers, nor do they get this virus. There will be a vaccine soon. Do get out and get fresh air if you can. Put all your cares and worries in God’s hands. Do you know how much he loves you, Kay. He is just a prayer away to help you get through. Trust in Jesus….who was the Creator of this virus in the first place. Although it has done some miserable things in the world, it has also brought many people together including yours and my meeting via this platform. I am going to say a prayer for you today. Know that you are loved!

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  4. I’m generally at home most days, keeping my kid from school. It has had an effect on my sanity, so when I have an aide to watch the kid, I’m dragging my laptop to the library. It has finally opened extended hours to a select number of people. So far, no one has kicked me out for lollygagging.

    I appreciate the heck (moderating my foul language for the library setting–aren’t I nice?) out of what you wrote. I think I have become more contemplative since lockdown and the subsequent hootenanny that some people are performing as if there weren’t a deadly plague taking down healthy people left and right. I actually had a doctor suggest I send my kid to school–despite the fact he won’t consistently wear a mask and neither will his similarly special classmates. My mental health means a lot, but so does my child. Enough that I will weather the storms of homeschooling until better options arise. Like being independently wealthy and having a team of highly sanitized people to care for him. Until then, it’s me, my kid and my access to the internet to keep me in touch with what’s left of the sane world. Hang in, sister. We need to be alive when the election rolls around!


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