Strange but True

You could use a little funny right about now, couldn’t you?




I’d been isolated in stir  my home, alone, for about three weeks. I’d stopped bothering changing from day pajamas to night pajamas and just went with whatever until the fumes were visible.

One day after an extra cup of coffee, I had enough energy to fill my bird feeder. The seed container was half empty so I admit I was having some feelings about filling the tube feeder to the top. Less than an hour after I filled the feeder I went to the sliding door, a third cup of coffee in hand, to watch the cardinals, woodpeckers and nuthatches that regularly visit. But there were grackles instead, their weight almost pulling the feeder from the deck railing. I love birds in general but I hate grackles. They’re big thug birds with oily feathers, beedie eyes and they don’t like sharing. Outraged, I stepped out onto the deck and yelled, “Oh no, you ain’t eatin’ today!”

Shhh…this is actually a starling but you get the idea. (Pixabay)

Now, I have new next door neighbors. I’ve judged and disparaged them the way I do most of my neighbors as I mentioned in my doorbell cam post. I judged their social class by their clothes. I judged their decision making abilities by their apparent lack of coronavirus protection. Whelp, when I screamed at the grackles I hadn’t noticed that the new people were in their backyard playing ball until it was too late. In that moment I saw myself as they saw me; an old women in a food stained shirt and wrinkled pajama bottoms, hair sticking up on her head, shouting at birds. Karma is a bitch.


WordPress let me know that I’ve received 1000 likes on this blog. I don’t have many followers so I appreciate all of you. Thank you!

19 thoughts on “Strange but True

  1. I feel your pain. We recycle all of our glass items but it takes weeks to fill the designated can on wheels. Well, last week the can was full and as I rolled it to the curb I saw my neighbor watching and realized it sounded the walk of shame for a raging alcoholic. No use explaining, I just scurried back inside.

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  2. “I’d stopped bothering changing from day pajamas to night pajamas and just went with whatever until the fumes were visible.” I choked on my juice over that. LOL!

    I didn’t know what a Grackle was until I moved to Texas. Great Tailed Grackles (Mexican Grackle) are loud as crap and, half the time, they sound like police sirens or breaking glass. There are none in NC. Is your Grackle boat-tailed?

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  3. We all have stopped bothering changing from day to night pajamas…This is quite a gud share Kat…I always think my neighbours judge me coz I never see them in pajamas LOL…Love:)Keep sharing stuff and I’ll stop by whenever you share:)


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