And Another Thing About Music

A few of the WordPress bloggers I follow post everyday. That will never be me. I have way too many other daily routines vying for my time like, hair removal, staring into space and Konmaring my house. Speaking of Maria Kondo, y’all know that in a year we won’t remember her, right? It’ll be Maria who? But she won’t care because she’ll be sitting in her joyful L.A. home with her two adorable daughters tranquil in the knowledge that messy people around the world have already paid for their college educations. But this post isn’t about her.

No, I don’t have it in me to blog everyday but fellow blogger Hanspostcard’s Song of the Day has motivated me to write in my journal daily about music. I call it Kat’s Bewildering Morning Song. I realized a couple of months ago that most mornings I wake up with a random song going through my head. And when I say random, I mean random. Why Elmo’s ring bearer song from Maria and Luis’ 1980s Sesame St. wedding? Why? “Don’t drop the ring Elmo, don’t drop the ring…” It’s not the same as ear worm songs because as far as I can tell, nothing prompts it. You’re probably thinking, she’s hearing those songs sometime during the day before and just doesn’t know it. I can guarantee you that I did not hear Oh Come, Oh Come Emanuel at the supermarket yesterday so I don’t understand why it was the soundtrack served up with my breakfast.

I have a theory. What if the random playlist is my brain’s way of choosing songs to dump. What if it’s like, “Ok, you want to remember those Kendrick Lamar lyrics? Well then to make room, Twelfth of Never by Johnny Mathis has to go. So here it is for the last time unless you stubble on the one Pandora station that plays it.”


It makes sense right? At this age I’ve filled up a lot of my memory. Many times I feel as though I’ve forgotten more than I remember. Sometimes while reading on a subject I want to know about I’ll find myself thinking, wait, did I know this before. Unfortunately, I can’t prove my theory because if my brain is jettisoning songs from my memory, how would I know? I can’t remember what I’ve forgotten. And if I do hear that song on Pandora, will I remember hearing it before or that I’d forgotten it? What did I forget to make room for the Leon Bridges album? Of course there is some music I’ll never forget even if Apple took it from my iTunes.

Right now I’m just waiting to hear what  will come up this morning. Will it be Umbrella by Rhianna or High Hopes by Frank Sinatra. I never know. How about you? Can you stop the music if you want to? When you walk down memory lane do the songs come up or do you have to google the year to remind yourself of what they were? What goes through your heads, musically speaking?

I’d forgotten about this song until I wrote this post.

And thanks for reading.

7 thoughts on “And Another Thing About Music

  1. I wish I could dump stuff from my memory- especially embarrassing moments from years past- it’s funny I am probably the only one who remembers these moments- but I wish I could dump them out of my memory bank… and there are some songs I’d like to erase too. I have that same problem I will wake up and some song is playing in my head for no reason- it may have been a long time since I even heard the song but its there. How and why does this happen?

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  2. Earworms are real! I don’t know what always triggers them, but I know plenty of times they’re external and they linger inside. For instance, last week we were putting away groceries and in my head I was singin, “Unbreak my heart… say you’ll love me again…” and to my astonishment my daughter sang out, “When you walked out the door and walked out of my life” and she did it with this lil head tilt and shoulder roll, really belting it out like she was gonna upstage me and I thought, “OMG can she read my mind?” so I asked her, “Did I sing that out loud?”
    “Unbreak my heart.”
    “No. It’s in my head.”
    Now, we own this song but it’s not what we listened to in the car on the way home and so it took some time before my husband informed us it was a track from the grocery. Much to his amusement.

    There is more room in there when we think. I think we put stuff in the recycle bin, tryin to make room for new data, but I’m not sure the recycle bin gets fully emptied.

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  3. Sometimes I don’t want to go grocery shopping just because I fear an annoying song will get stuck in my head. One of the reasons I started noting the morning songs in my journal is so I can figure out if they’re coming from somewhere other than my head. I hope the recycle bin doesn’t fully empty. I like some of the old stuff as well as the new.


  4. So true, so true! I’m still laughing from the “O Come Emmanuel”!! Wait until you’re a little older, you’ll begin humming those songs aloud….that’s when you’ll start getting the “what a crazy old lady” looks!!

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