To Market, to Market……


Is there any thing better than the fresh produce available at this time of year? I certainly don’t feel there is.


Going to the farmers market: the colors, smells and interacting with other people. It’s a complete experience for me.


Preparing the produce is a lesson in mindfulness: slowing down time, listening to the birds while I cut and chop.  I try to really taste the food and appreciate it.

Where I live in the mid Atlantic area of the United States, it seems as though the winter offers only limited agricultural products; apples, oranges and the roots of plants. They are wonderful in their own right, they’re just not my favorites. I gravitate toward the kinds of produce available during the warm seasons. I love the abundance and variety of fruits and vegetables like strawberries, peaches, tomatoes, tender lettuces and lots of fresh herbs. It’s one of the many, many advantages of summer. One of my favorite recipes that uses vegetables available now at  farmers markets is Pasta with Greens and Tomatoes. I’ve added to the Heaven’s menu page.

Happy Summer Solstice!

2 thoughts on “To Market, to Market……

  1. The pictures of the farmer’s market make me want to go Right Now! Like you, I love the fresh fruit and veggies off the stands, so ripe and colorful that you know they’ll be delicious. It’s a bit early for my favorites here, like the giant cantaloupe and sweet jersey corn, but soon enough. The recipe sounds fabulous. I’m going to try it and perfect it (I’m a terrible cook) so by the time my daughter comes back home, it will be perfect for her vegetarian taste buds 🙂


    • I’m impatiently waiting for the cantaloupe too. It’s one of my favorites. Don’t sweat the recipe, it’s super easy! I’m so glad you stop by and take away useful stuff from my blog. That’s always been my goal.


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