One Year In

I actually wrote a post in October titled “Under Construction“. In it I talked about how I wanted to change this blog. I deleted it about a month later for two reasons; one because I did in fact change it ( format stuff; different theme, expanded pages, etc.) and two because I hadn’t come up with the sharpened focus I had promised.

I started this blog one year ago and on the “About This Blog” page I stated what I wanted the purpose to be. By October I thought I had strayed from that purpose and that I needed to refine it. Between then and recently I’d been having trouble deciding what the refinement should involve. Then I figured out why that was. After re-reading the posts, I realized that the original purpose, sharing what I’ve been blessed to find out about this life, is as good a goal as it was a year ago and that I don’t need to refine or sharpen it. What I was forgetting was that I haven’t ended the process, I haven’t finished finding out, that happily, it’s ongoing. I’m still on the path and so is anyone who comes across this blog. And I really do want this space to be a stop along the way, a sojourn. So I’ll continue to learn and share both the old and the new with you. Take what you want and leave the rest.

Happy New Year. Wishes for a fulfilling 2012.

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