Moon Mania

Full Moon Over the Carribean

So it’s March already. Every month I experience what I call “moon mania”. It happens between the new moon and the 1st quarter. I’m writing about it now because last Friday was the new moon and currently the moon is in the waxing crescent phase. The 1st quarter is next Saturday.  (I’d like to view the moon right now just for it’s beauty but there’s a rainstorm going on here.) I don’t mean I howl at the moon or anything like that but during this period I feel compelled to clean, write, create, plan and organize. Unfortunately I ‘m also compelled to do them all simultaneously. (Obviously doing nothing particularly well.) Now some who know me might tell you it’s just plain mania, others might tell you I need to tweak my meds. But for the purposes of this blog, let’s go with moon mania. Wow, do I have a busy week coming!

Seriously, I first read about the moon phases when I was doing research on hair growth. (Oh, there will be a post about hair in the future!) While doing that research I found out all kinds of things about the effects of the moon and its phases. The idea that the moon affects living things, including people, organically wasn’t a stretch for me. We know our bodies are effected by the sun, why not the moon as well? The information also helped explain why there are certain cyclical patterns in the rhythm of life.  It feels good to acknowledge the wonder in all that makes up the energy of the One and that includes the moon and us.  And remember, if you have to clean or plan anything, do it right after the new moon!

For more of a discussion on the moon and its effects go to:

Also the Farmer’s Almanac website has a very good moon phase calendar:

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